Publication: ‘Narrative Design’ Toolbox & Method (2011)


Definition Narrative Design-01Besides written and spoken storytelling, visual storytelling has been around for ages and started since cavemen were drawing on the walls. These visual media are everywhere to be found and display stories from the past, present, and future. But what if we implement narratives in the space we’re living in? What if we are able to transform stories into space? Wouldn’t our built environments and public spaces become more meaningful and understandable for the end- user; the people we’re designing for? Narrative design is a design strategy based on the story of a location to melt valuable cultural and historical elements together with contemporary interventions, creating awareness of and synergy between different times so that users can identify themselves with the place.

This thesis was researched by analysing three sites in the harbour of Rotterdam (NL) and resulted in a Narrative Design Toolbox and method. This toolbox was tested in the harbour-area of Viano do Castello, Portugal.
Published in ‘De Blauwe Kamer’ 2011
Ferwerda; Ruben, Ontwerpen met verhalen. In: de Blauwe Kamer (2011), Nr. 4, p. 62
 Urben aims to further investigate future applications of this toolbox. If you see an opportunity for application or wish to learn more about the Narrative Design Toolbox and method please contact me.

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