Vision for Brennero, Italy 2030: Linea in Lignum (2010)

hout-1In the utopian research ‘Brennero 2030: Linea in Lignum’ Urben investigates an intensified land use in the Italian Brenner region. Limited by the natural boundaries of the valley agriculture – existing of grapes and apples – needs to give place for urbanity in order to keep the urban development of surrounding cities going.

A clear network structure is visible in the region which appear as natural lines and flows (latin: linea) created by the river that carved it’s way through the mountains. Cultural lines such as railroads and highways were added later, creating a pattern of lines of different ages, just like the lines – and circles – in wood (latin: lignum).

Through expected use of vertical farming in future agriculture lands could be stacked upon each other in a linear structure throughout the region’s valley making space nature to develop. This linear structure might become a linear city which branches out to existing cities and settlements, connecting to its urban fabric. These places become nodes with space for housing and commercial functions.

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